“As a newcomer to Seattle’s theatre scene, The Studio grounds me & prepares me for The Work We All Have To Do. No matter your level of work, Andrew Tsao & company do provide the safe space to create, do your best work, and further challenge you to hone your skills.”
— Sam P. on Facebook

Carol S.

Yelp Review

“Just participated in the On Camera Audition workshop.  I have had several audition classes over the years but there is something about how Andrew brings it home that really impacted me.  He is knowledgeable, insightful and so easy to relate to and that created an environment where you just want to do your best.  If you want to take a class that can pay off immediately, then this is the one.   I can't wait to take his next one.”

“Andrew Tsao provides excellent training that comes from someone who has worked professionally in the industry for a long time. He knows how to talk to actors and help them find their best performance. Highly Recommended.”
— Phillip W. on Facebook

Rudy R.

Yelp Review

“Andrew's class was a pivotal part of my on-camera training. He navigates well between offering a real on-set experience, and creating a safe space for actors to explore the work. He is relentless in his attempt to help his students find well-crafted, truthful, and nuanced moments whether it be for the camera or the stage. If you're ready to take your work to the next level, take this class!”

Andrew Tsao knows acting. He is talented, intelligent, intuitive and experienced. His teaching style is supportive of all levels and encourages students to shed their inhibitions in order to become a more authentic actor. -
— Shawn C. on Google