Studio Cinema Directing

The Essentials of the Director’s Craft



The Director is the creative leader of the film team. Your cinematic story ideas come alive only when you have a confident grasp of the director’s tools.

Dramatic narrative interpretation, analysis and structure go hand in hand with idea, theme and visual style.

Cast the film correctly and more than half your work is done. Speak the actor’s language, know how to instill trust, risk and creative willingness in your cast. Be a director who can draw the best performances out of your actors.

See the story visually through the grammar of cinema: where should the camera be? Why? What is the nature of the sequence and the content of your shot doing?

Being a creative leader is also being a great manager of all aspects of filmmaking: pre-production, planning, leading and inspiring a crew, creating the right environment on your set.


STUDIO CINEMA DIRECTING is a seminar and workshop style class made up of nine weeks of 3.5 hours per class (31.5 hours total).

The course will take place on Wednesday evenings, January 8 to March 4th, 2020.

Cost is $435.00. Class size is strictly limited.

Directors will work with actors from The Studio Seattle classes during some sessions of the course.


Interested directors should have some background in the creative and/or dramatic arts whether as an actor, director, writer or production. Send a resume and current photo along with a sample of your work (reel or images from stage productions) to:

All directors participating in workshops must be 21 years or older.

Absences, drops and no-shows are non-refundable. Students can withdraw from the workshop and receive a full refund up to the date of the second class meeting in week one.