Throwback Thursday: Eric Idle and Brooke Shields


“Suddenly Susan” was no groundbreaker as a sitcom, but it did have a loyal following for four seasons.

I came on mid-way though its run to direct multiple episodes when Eric Idle of Monty Python fame joined the cast.

Idle was a hero of mine, as I worshipped at the shrine of Monty Python in terms of intelligent, outrageous and silly comedy. So, working on the show with him was a treasured experience. His wisdom, wit, timing and unexpected comedic gems were awe inspiring. We ended up making an award winning short film, “Brightness” together, which took the Special Jury Prize at the 2000 Houston Worldfest.

Idle is just releasing his memoirs, which should be both deep and hilarious. Looking forward to reading.

Brooke was one of the kindest and most selfless stars I ever worked with. She remains one of my favorite people. A class act who has been in the spotlight her entire life, she always made sure everyone around her felt like they could do their best work.